TRX & Kettlebells

TRX and Kettlebells is a challenging and fun way to get leaner and fitter – for your health or for your sport. The combination of TRX and Kettlebell exercises builds strength and fitness in every muscle in the body and helps you improve fitness, develop a strong core, lose fat and increase muscle.

This efficient, but highly effective class uses dynamic movements to target almost every aspect of fitness, agility and cardio endurance. Kettlebells work many different muscle groups within a single  workout and the use of the TRX suspension trainer develops strength, balance, flexibility and core

• Build strength
• Tone core muscles
• Increase endurance
• Prevent injury
• Improve coordination

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8 reviews
James Browne

Great classes and a very fun environment to work out in - 5 stars 👍

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Paweł Markiewicz
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Emma King

Legs bum and tums class 3 times a week... great for losing weight, toning up and feeling leaner.

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Seán Donovan

Highly recommend the TRX and Kettle bells class, been doing it for a while now and I feel much leaner and fitter. Great atmosphere to train in!!

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Maddie Oneill

get work out in a friendly fun environment.
love it 😀😀

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Jack Ross

been great training here the past few months really improved my boxing and strength since training with Richie

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Jacqueline Campion

Couldn't recommend a better trainer!

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Michelle Callaghan
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