✓ State of the art testing and screening 

✓ Personalised programs to fit your needs

✓ Flexible time slots to fit your schedule 

✓ Cutting-edge training techniques 

✓ 1-1 Attention from expert coaches

✓ Training in your own private gym

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Personal Training Packages:

  • Bronze Package: €60 per Week: Best suited for those on a budget or a tight schedule. This package offers 1 Personal Training session each week.
  • Silver Package: €90 per Week: For those who want a bit more out of their training. This package offers 2 Personal Training sessions each week.
  • Gold Package: €125 per Week: For those looking to push their limits. This package offers 3 Personal Training sessions each week.
  • Platinum Package: €400 per Month: For those looking for the best results. This package offers a month of unlimited 1-1 Personal Training sessions.

Why Choose Personal Training?

We often forget that everything we do: walking, running, driving, using our smartphones, using a computer, even the things we do for work, we had to learn how to do it.

We also usually had a teacher. Our parents helped us walk, we had an instructor shown us how to drive, we still have people show us new ways to use our phones and computers.

But when it comes to exercise, one of the most important things we can do for our health, strength and physique, we often try go it alone.

We Google exercises and programs that don’t take into consideration any of our unique circumstances and we try to copy them in the gym, without knowing if we’re even doing them correctly.

We often have to motivate ourselves to show up to the gym regularly and do that exercise we think helps but don’t like doing. And then, if we don’t see the results we want, we don’t know what to change or fix.

With all this in mind, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that so many people find it so difficult to join a gym, train consistently and get the results they want.

This is where Personal Training at Hurricane Fitness comes in!

With all of our personal training packages you get an expert trainer, with credentials and experience, who will analyse your fitness needs and your unique physical and lifestyle characteristics.

You will get a customised program and supervision on every exercise and lifestyle choice from the time you walk into the gym for your first session, to the time you leave your last.

You will also get a private facility to train in, free from a lot of the ego and judgement that can turn many off joining the regular commercial gym.

But Does It Justify The Cost?

In the past, you may be left wondering how so many gyms seem to be around if so many people struggle to reach their fitness goals.

Sadly, this isn’t as bug of the commercial gyms, it’s a feature.

The reason many popular gyms can charge a low-cost yearly membership price to people and still make enough money to pay their expenses, and make a profit is simple: They know most people won’t use it.

The entire business model of large, low-cost commercial gyms is dependant upon people not reaching their fitness goals. To do that means all of their members would use the gym, which would put them over capacity and would make their pricing unsustainable.

Our pricing is based off our goal of helping you to reach your goals. We want you to come to the gym, as much as you need. We also want you to get high-quality training and have someone you can always troubleshoot with and develop a plan with.

As a result, our costs are higher to make this possible. We want to provide quality of service over quantity.

How Personal Training Can Pay For Itself

This sounds crazy to most people who read the headline, but most people who walk in the door at Hurricane Fitness don’t spend any more money per month than they were before they came.


When people come to do Personal training, generally that will come with some lifestyle changes. Many cut back or quit smoking. Many reduce the amount of nights out they go out on. Many cut back on fast food.

The average night out in Dublin costs around €150-200.

The average cost of a takeaway meal is around €25-30.

This means that reducing the amount of times you go out by just 2 nights out, or cutting back on fast food 13 times in a month would free up the money to do even our most premium Personal Training Package.

This doesn’t just save you money, but also helps you get leaner, healthier and improves your quality of life.

So, when you consider all the benefits Personal Training can offer, the unique benefits it may give you if you’re struggling with motivation, stuck with your progress, or a bit nervous about starting in a commercial gym, and couple this with the sustainable pricing, it’s a choice well worth making.

But, of course, if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help. Just reach out to us here.

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Dave Rowden
Dave Rowden
Absolutely fantastic gym. I've tried so many gyms and this one really makes a difference. The coaches are so approachable and the personal attention is something you wouldn't get anywhere else. 100% recommend 👍
Caroline Burke
Caroline Burke
Great Over 50 classes. Really like them
Liam Burns
Liam Burns
Excellent tailored 1to1 training. Highly recommended... includes monthly testing which shows progress made and keeps you motivated. Trained mostly with Richie- nice chap, reliable and very knowledgeable about fitness, and strength building. Also will accommodate times that suit your lifestyle to make sure you get the sessions in.
Zafira Rehmtulla
Zafira Rehmtulla
One of the best gyms I’ve been to. Trained in a lot of different places and couldn’t recommend the guys here enough. The coaching is great and everyone is really approachable. Fantastic.
Olive Kierand
Olive Kierand
Great 1st class! Richie geared it to my abilities, while pushing me just enough. I'll be back. Natasha
Thomas Buckley
Thomas Buckley
Brilliant personal training. Coaches are fantastic. Always have a great session here.
Barry Sheehan
Barry Sheehan
I found it very good. Was worried I might not be able to keep up but had no trouble at all Good pace and great coaching
Richard Carroll
Richard Carroll
Phenomenal classes. Really enjoy them. Trainers are great. Always get a great workout in.
Conor Burns
Conor Burns
Excellent personal training. Really enjoy coming here.